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LEtheCreator / Lucas
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Wait, you're actually reading this?

My name's LE. I create stuff.

I'm a dude that draws Pokemon and sometimes other weird things. Of course, there's also a small chance you already know me for my Garry's Mod animations on YouTube. If you've ever heard of "Stu Pidface"... Yeah. That was my fault. Sorry.

Don't be afraid to talk to me, especially if you like something I've done! Nothing keeps me goin' like the knowledge that I've made someone happy! :D

I'm on Tumblr!

And I'm on YouTube!…
I've made a terrible mistake video.

Audio gets loud and kinda NSFW at points, so beware.

  • Listening to: A playlist I'm putting together
  • Reading: Tumblr posts
  • Watching: My friends stream
  • Playing: Overwatch
  • Eating: Bread
  • Drinking: Dihydrogen Monoxide


Spicy Chicken Thighs

Tumblr Link

A special gift for my good friend PotooBrigham​, featuring his wonderful Blaziken character, Juniper! I just love this chick. Um, chicken. Whatever!

Hope you had a nice birthday, man!

Juniper belongs to :iconpotoobrigham:
Pokemon (c) Game Freak / Nintendo
Pokemon Trainer Drook
Tumblr link

Name: Drook Elroot

Gender: Male

Age: 27 (or so)

Hometown: Agate Village, Orre

Current residence: Route 205, Sinnoh

VIP: Flygon

- Drook spent most of his childhood living with his uncle in Orre. Inspired by stories of trainers in other regions (particularly his idol, Alder, the then-champion of Unova), Drook made it his purpose to travel to other regions and become a Pokemon trainer himself. He first journeyed through Sinnoh as a teenager, initially accompanied only by his Flygon.

- Drook’s Flygon, Darude, was the first Pokemon he ever caught, and the only one he obtained in Orre. Encountered as a Trapinch, Darude is Drook’s closest companion, though he isn’t necessarily his best fighter (partly because he was caught well before Drook began training seriously). That said, he’s hardly a pushover.

- Drook enjoys hiking, assisting lost trainers, and helping contain out-of-control Pokemon. He considers himself a Pokemon Ranger, but since he doesn’t actually have a ranger license, he isn’t officially recognized as one. Mentioning this around him tends to make him sour.

- Drook has no set team, since he has more than six Pokemon. He doesn’t specialize in any particular type, although he is especially fond of Ground-types. Drook trains his Pokemon to be versatile combatants, focusing mainly on coverage, so they can reliably handle a variety of threats and (hopefully) counter those that would take advantage of their weaknesses. In addition, most of his Pokemon have a distinct role outside of battle, such as scouting or moving through rough terrain.

- Although his pre-made tactics and strategies are usually well thought out, Drook isn’t quite as impressive when it comes to thinking on the fly. This is part of why he focuses so much on adaptability and reflexes when training his Pokemon. Aside from that, it could be said that he is slightly disadvantaged against Flying-types, since several of his Pokemon are weak to Flying attacks (and one of them specifically has a bird phobia). That said, Rock and Electric attacks are not uncommon among their movesets, so he’s still equipped to handle them.

- Yes, he has a weird name. It’s an Orre thing.

Pokemon (c) Game Freak / Nintendo
Little Doodle of a Dorkstocker
Tumblr link

Wasn't originally gonna post this here, but then I thought, eh, what the heck.

Don't tell anyone I messed up her hat

Hsien-Ko / Lei-Lei (c) Capcom



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